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Start_log_event_v3 Class Reference

#include <log_event.h>

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Log_event Format_description_log_event

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Public Member Functions

void print (FILE *file, PRINT_EVENT_INFO *print_event_info)
 Start_log_event_v3 (const char *buf, uint event_len, const Format_description_log_event *description_event)
Log_event_type get_type_code ()
bool is_valid () const
int get_data_size ()

Public Attributes

time_t created
uint16 binlog_version
char server_version [ST_SERVER_VER_LEN]
bool dont_set_created

Detailed Description

Start_log_event_v3 is the Start_log_event of binlog format 3 (MySQL 3.23 and 4.x).

Format_description_log_event derives from Start_log_event_v3; it is the Start_log_event of binlog format 4 (MySQL 5.0), that is, the event that describes the other events' Common-Header/Post-Header lengths. This event is sent by MySQL 5.0 whenever it starts sending a new binlog if the requested position is >4 (otherwise if ==4 the event will be sent naturally).

Binary Format

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