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Sql_handler_lock_error_handler Class Reference

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virtual bool handle_condition (THD *thd, uint sql_errno, const char *sqlstate, Sql_condition::enum_warning_level level, const char *msg, Sql_condition **cond_hdl)
bool need_reopen () const
void init ()

Detailed Description

A helper class to process an error from mysql_lock_tables(). HANDLER READ statement's attempt to lock the subject table may get aborted if there is a pending DDL. In that case we close the table, reopen it, and try to read again. This is implicit and obscure, since HANDLER position is lost in the process, but it's the legacy server behaviour we should preserve.

Member Function Documentation

bool Sql_handler_lock_error_handler::handle_condition ( THD *  thd,
uint  sql_errno,
const char *  sqlstate,
Sql_condition::enum_warning_level  level,
const char *  msg,
Sql_condition **  cond_hdl 
) [virtual]

Handle an error from mysql_lock_tables(). Ignore ER_LOCK_ABORTED errors.

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