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Sql_cmd_handler_read Class Reference

#include <sql_handler.h>

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Sql_cmd Sql_alloc

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Public Member Functions

 Sql_cmd_handler_read (enum_ha_read_modes read_mode, const char *key_name, List< Item > *key_expr, ha_rkey_function rkey_mode)
virtual enum_sql_command sql_command_code () const
 Return the command code for this statement.
virtual bool execute (THD *thd)

Detailed Description

Sql_cmd_handler_read represents HANDLER READ statement.

Some information about this statement, for example, table list element which identifies HANDLER to be read from, WHERE and LIMIT clauses is still kept in LEX class.

Member Function Documentation

bool Sql_cmd_handler_read::execute ( THD *  thd) [virtual]

Execute a HANDLER READ statement.

thdThe current thread.
Closes the table that is associated (on the handler tables hash) with the name (TABLE_LIST::alias) of the specified table.
Return values:
FALSEon success.
TRUEon failure.

Implements Sql_cmd.

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