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Sql_cmd_handler_close Class Reference

#include <sql_handler.h>

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Sql_cmd Sql_alloc

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Public Member Functions

virtual enum_sql_command sql_command_code () const
 Return the command code for this statement.
virtual bool execute (THD *thd)

Detailed Description

Sql_cmd_handler_close represents HANDLER CLOSE statement.

Table list element which identifies HANDLER to be closed still resides in LEX class.

Member Function Documentation

bool Sql_cmd_handler_close::execute ( THD *  thd) [virtual]

Execute a HANDLER CLOSE statement.

thdThe current thread.
Closes the table that is associated (on the handler tables hash) with the name (TABLE_LIST::alias) of the specified table.
Return values:
FALSEon success.
TRUEon failure.

Implements Sql_cmd.

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