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Show_create_error_handler Class Reference

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 Show_create_error_handler (THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *top_view)
char * get_view_access_denied_message ()
bool handle_condition (THD *thd, uint sql_errno, const char *, Sql_condition::enum_warning_level level, const char *message, Sql_condition **)

Detailed Description

An Internal_error_handler that suppresses errors regarding views' underlying tables that occur during privilege checking within SHOW CREATE VIEW commands. This happens in the cases when

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Show_create_error_handler::Show_create_error_handler ( THD *  thd,
TABLE_LIST top_view 
) [inline, explicit]

Creates a new Show_create_error_handler for the particular security context and view.

Thread context, used for security context information if needed. The view. We do not verify at this point that top_view is in fact a view since, alas, these things do not stay constant.

Member Function Documentation

Lazy instantiation of 'view access denied' message. The purpose of the Show_create_error_handler is to hide details of underlying tables for which we have no privileges behind ER_VIEW_INVALID messages. But this obviously does not apply if we lack privileges on the view itself. Unfortunately the information about for which table privilege checking failed is not available at this point. The only way for us to check is by reconstructing the actual error message and see if it's the same.

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