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Semijoin_mat_exec Class Reference

#include <sql_executor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Semijoin_mat_exec (TABLE_LIST *sj_nest, bool is_scan, uint table_count, uint mat_table_index, uint inner_table_index)

Public Attributes

TABLE_LIST *const sj_nest
 Semi-join nest for this materialization.
const bool is_scan
 TRUE if executing a scan, FALSE if lookup.
const uint table_count
 Number of tables in the sj-nest.
const uint mat_table_index
 Index in join_tab for materialized table.
const uint inner_table_index
 Index in join_tab for first inner table.
TMP_TABLE_PARAM table_param
 The temptable and its related info.
 Reference to temporary table.

Detailed Description

Executor structure for the materialized semi-join info, which contains

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