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Rpl_info Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Rpl_info:
Slave_reporting_capability Relay_log_info

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Public Member Functions

void set_rpl_info_handler (Rpl_info_handler *param_handler)
Rpl_info_handler * get_rpl_info_handler ()
enum_return_check check_info ()
int remove_info ()
int clean_info ()
bool is_transactional ()
bool update_is_transactional ()
char * get_description_info ()
bool copy_info (Rpl_info_handler *from, Rpl_info_handler *to)
uint get_internal_id ()

Public Attributes

mysql_mutex_t data_lock
mysql_mutex_t run_lock
mysql_mutex_t sleep_lock
mysql_cond_t data_cond
mysql_cond_t start_cond
mysql_cond_t stop_cond
mysql_cond_t sleep_cond
THD * info_thd
bool inited
volatile bool abort_slave
volatile uint slave_running
volatile ulong slave_run_id
int events_until_exit

Protected Member Functions

 Rpl_info (const char *type, uint param_id)

Protected Attributes

Rpl_info_handler * handler
uint internal_id

Member Function Documentation

Rpl_info_handler* Rpl_info::get_rpl_info_handler ( ) [inline]

Gets the persistency component/handler.

the handler if there is one.
void Rpl_info::set_rpl_info_handler ( Rpl_info_handler *  param_handler) [inline]

Sets the persistency component/handler.

[in]hanlderPointer to the handler.

Member Data Documentation

Rpl_info_handler* Rpl_info::handler [protected]

Pointer to the repository's handler.

uint Rpl_info::internal_id [protected]

Uniquely and internaly identifies an info entry (.e.g. a row or file). This information is completely transparent to users and is used only during startup to retrieve information from the repositories.

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