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Rpl_filter Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Rpl_filter (Rpl_filter const &)
Rpl_filteroperator= (Rpl_filter const &)
bool tables_ok (const char *db, TABLE_LIST *tables)
bool db_ok (const char *db)
bool db_ok_with_wild_table (const char *db)
bool is_on ()
bool is_rewrite_empty ()
int build_do_table_hash ()
int build_ignore_table_hash ()
int add_do_table_array (const char *table_spec)
int add_ignore_table_array (const char *table_spec)
int add_wild_do_table (const char *table_spec)
int add_wild_ignore_table (const char *table_spec)
void add_do_db (const char *db_spec)
void add_ignore_db (const char *db_spec)
void add_db_rewrite (const char *from_db, const char *to_db)
void get_do_table (String *str)
void get_ignore_table (String *str)
void get_wild_do_table (String *str)
void get_wild_ignore_table (String *str)
const char * get_rewrite_db (const char *db, size_t *new_len)
I_List< i_string > * get_do_db ()
I_List< i_string > * get_ignore_db ()

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