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Row_data_memory Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Row_data_memory (TABLE *table, size_t const len1)
 Row_data_memory (TABLE *table, size_t const len1, size_t const len2)
bool has_memory () const
uchar * slot (uint s)

Detailed Description

Class to handle temporary allocation of memory for row data.

The responsibilities of the class is to provide memory for packing one or two rows of packed data (depending on what constructor is called).

In order to make the allocation more efficient for "simple" rows, i.e., rows that do not contain any blobs, a pointer to the allocated memory is of memory is stored in the table structure for simple rows. If memory for a table containing a blob field is requested, only memory for that is allocated, and subsequently released when the object is destroyed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Row_data_memory::Row_data_memory ( TABLE table,
size_t const  len1 
) [inline]

Build an object to keep track of a block-local piece of memory for storing a row of data.

tableTable where the pre-allocated memory is stored.
lengthLength of data that is needed, if the record contain blobs.

Member Function Documentation

bool Row_data_memory::has_memory ( ) const [inline]

Is there memory allocated?

Return values:
trueThere is memory allocated
falseMemory allocation failed

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