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Rotate_log_event Class Reference

#include <log_event.h>

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Public Types

enum  { DUP_NAME = 2, RELAY_LOG = 4 }

Public Member Functions

void print (FILE *file, PRINT_EVENT_INFO *print_event_info)
 Rotate_log_event (const char *buf, uint event_len, const Format_description_log_event *description_event)
Log_event_type get_type_code ()
int get_data_size ()
bool is_valid () const

Public Attributes

const char * new_log_ident
ulonglong pos
uint ident_len
uint flags

Detailed Description

This will be deprecated when we move to using sequence ids.

Binary Format

The Post-Header has one component:

Post-Header for Rotate_log_event
Name Format


position 8 byte integer

The position within the binlog to rotate to.

The Body has one component:

Body for Rotate_log_event
Name Format


new_log variable length string without trailing zero, extending to the end of the event (determined by the length field of the Common-Header)

Name of the binlog to rotate to.

Member Data Documentation

Some 16 flags. See the definitions above for LOG_EVENT_TIME_F, LOG_EVENT_FORCED_ROTATE_F, LOG_EVENT_THREAD_SPECIFIC_F, and LOG_EVENT_SUPPRESS_USE_F for notes.

Reimplemented from Log_event.

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