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Rand_log_event Class Reference

#include <log_event.h>

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Public Member Functions

void print (FILE *file, PRINT_EVENT_INFO *print_event_info)
 Rand_log_event (const char *buf, const Format_description_log_event *description_event)
Log_event_type get_type_code ()
int get_data_size ()
bool is_valid () const

Public Attributes

ulonglong seed1
ulonglong seed2

Detailed Description

Logs random seed used by the next RAND(), and by PASSWORD() in 4.1.0. 4.1.1 does not need it (it's repeatable again) so this event needn't be written in 4.1.1 for PASSWORD() (but the fact that it is written is just a waste, it does not cause bugs).

The state of the random number generation consists of 128 bits, which are stored internally as two 64-bit numbers.

Binary Format

The Post-Header for this event type is empty. The Body has two components:

Body for Rand_log_event
Name Format


seed1 8 byte unsigned integer

64 bit random seed1.

seed2 8 byte unsigned integer 64 bit random seed2.

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