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Protocol_text Class Reference

#include <protocol.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Protocol_text (THD *thd_arg)
virtual void prepare_for_resend ()
virtual bool store_null ()
virtual bool store_tiny (longlong from)
virtual bool store_short (longlong from)
virtual bool store_long (longlong from)
virtual bool store_longlong (longlong from, bool unsigned_flag)
virtual bool store_decimal (const my_decimal *)
virtual bool store (const char *from, size_t length, const CHARSET_INFO *cs)
virtual bool store (const char *from, size_t length, const CHARSET_INFO *fromcs, const CHARSET_INFO *tocs)
virtual bool store (MYSQL_TIME *time, uint precision)
virtual bool store_date (MYSQL_TIME *time)
virtual bool store_time (MYSQL_TIME *time, uint precision)
virtual bool store (float nr, uint32 decimals, String *buffer)
virtual bool store (double from, uint32 decimals, String *buffer)
virtual bool store (Field *field)
virtual bool send_out_parameters (List< Item_param > *sp_params)
virtual enum enum_protocol_type type ()

Detailed Description

Class used for the old (MySQL 4.0 protocol).

Member Function Documentation

bool Protocol_text::send_out_parameters ( List< Item_param > *  sp_params) [virtual]

Assign OUT-parameters to user variables.

sp_paramsList of PS/SP parameters (both input and output).
Error status.
Return values:

Implements Protocol.

bool Protocol_text::store ( MYSQL_TIME *  tm,
uint  decimals 
) [virtual]
Second_part format ("%06") needs to change when we support 0-6 decimals for time.

Implements Protocol.

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