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Prelocking_strategy Class Reference

#include <sql_base.h>

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Alter_table_prelocking_strategy Delayed_prelocking_strategy DML_prelocking_strategy Lock_tables_prelocking_strategy

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool handle_routine (THD *thd, Query_tables_list *prelocking_ctx, Sroutine_hash_entry *rt, sp_head *sp, bool *need_prelocking)=0
virtual bool handle_table (THD *thd, Query_tables_list *prelocking_ctx, TABLE_LIST *table_list, bool *need_prelocking)=0
virtual bool handle_view (THD *thd, Query_tables_list *prelocking_ctx, TABLE_LIST *table_list, bool *need_prelocking)=0

Detailed Description

An abstract class for a strategy specifying how the prelocking algorithm should extend the prelocking set while processing already existing elements in the set.

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