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Open_table_context Class Reference

#include <sql_base.h>

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Public Types

enum  enum_open_table_action {

Public Member Functions

 Open_table_context (THD *thd, uint flags)
bool recover_from_failed_open ()
bool request_backoff_action (enum_open_table_action action_arg, TABLE_LIST *table)
bool can_recover_from_failed_open () const
const MDL_savepointstart_of_statement_svp () const
ulong get_timeout () const
uint get_flags () const
void set_has_protection_against_grl ()
bool has_protection_against_grl () const

Detailed Description

A context of open_tables() function, used to recover from a failed open_table() or open_routine() attempt.

Member Function Documentation

Set flag indicating that we have already acquired metadata lock protecting this statement against GRL while opening tables.

When doing a back-off, we close all tables acquired by this statement. Return an MDL savepoint taken at the beginning of the statement, so that we can rollback to it before waiting on locks.

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