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Name_string Class Reference

#include <item.h>

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Simple_cstring Item_name_string

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Public Member Functions

 Name_string (const char *str, size_t length)
 Name_string (const LEX_STRING str)
 Name_string (const char *str, size_t length, bool is_null_terminated)
 Name_string (const LEX_STRING str, bool is_null_terminated)
void copy (const char *str, size_t length, const CHARSET_INFO *cs)
void copy (const char *str, size_t length)
void copy (const char *str)
void copy (const LEX_STRING lex)
void copy (const LEX_STRING *lex)
void copy (const Name_string str)
bool eq (const char *str) const
bool eq_safe (const char *str) const
bool eq (const Name_string name) const
bool eq_safe (const Name_string name) const

Detailed Description

Storage for name strings. Enpowers Simple_cstring with allocation routines from the sql_strmake family.

This class must stay as small as possible as we often pass it into functions using call-by-value evaluation.

Don't add new members or virual methods into this class!

Member Function Documentation

void Name_string::copy ( const char *  str,
size_t  length,
const CHARSET_INFO *  cs 

Allocate space using sql_strmake() or sql_strmake_with_convert().

void Name_string::copy ( const char *  str,
size_t  length 
) [inline]

Variants for copy(), for various argument combinations.

bool Name_string::eq ( const char *  str) const [inline]

Compare name to another name in C string, case insensitively.

bool Name_string::eq ( const Name_string  name) const [inline]

Compare name to another name in Name_string, case insensitively.

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