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MYSQL_LOG Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void init_pthread_objects ()
void cleanup ()
bool open (const char *log_name, enum_log_type log_type, const char *new_name, enum cache_type io_cache_type_arg)
bool init_and_set_log_file_name (const char *log_name, const char *new_name, enum_log_type log_type_arg, enum cache_type io_cache_type_arg)
void init (enum_log_type log_type_arg, enum cache_type io_cache_type_arg)
void close (uint exiting)
bool is_open ()
const char * generate_name (const char *log_name, const char *suffix, bool strip_ext, char *buff)
int generate_new_name (char *new_name, const char *log_name)

Protected Attributes

mysql_mutex_t LOCK_log
char * name
char log_file_name [FN_REFLEN]
char time_buff [20]
char db [NAME_LEN+1]
bool write_error
bool inited
IO_CACHE log_file
enum_log_type log_type
volatile enum_log_state log_state
enum cache_type io_cache_type


class Log_event

Member Function Documentation

This is called only once.

Reimplemented in MYSQL_BIN_LOG.

const char * MYSQL_LOG::generate_name ( const char *  log_name,
const char *  suffix,
bool  strip_ext,
char *  buff 
The following should be using fn_format(); We just need to first change fn_format() to cut the file name if it's too long.

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