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MDL_wait_for_subgraph Class Reference

#include <mdl.h>

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MDL_ticket Wait_for_flush

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Public Types

enum  enum_deadlock_weight { DEADLOCK_WEIGHT_DML = 0, DEADLOCK_WEIGHT_DDL = 100 }

Public Member Functions

virtual bool accept_visitor (MDL_wait_for_graph_visitor *gvisitor)=0
virtual uint get_deadlock_weight () const =0

Detailed Description

Abstract class representing an edge in the waiters graph to be traversed by deadlock detection algorithm.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool MDL_wait_for_subgraph::accept_visitor ( MDL_wait_for_graph_visitor gvisitor) [pure virtual]

Accept a wait-for graph visitor to inspect the node this edge is leading to.

Implemented in MDL_ticket, and Wait_for_flush.

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