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MDL_context_owner Class Reference

#include <mdl.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void enter_cond (mysql_cond_t *cond, mysql_mutex_t *mutex, const PSI_stage_info *stage, PSI_stage_info *old_stage, const char *src_function, const char *src_file, int src_line)=0
virtual void exit_cond (const PSI_stage_info *stage, const char *src_function, const char *src_file, int src_line)=0
virtual int is_killed ()=0
virtual THD * get_thd ()=0
virtual bool notify_shared_lock (MDL_context_owner *in_use, bool needs_thr_lock_abort)=0

Detailed Description

An interface to separate the MDL module from the THD, and the rest of the server code.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void MDL_context_owner::enter_cond ( mysql_cond_t *  cond,
mysql_mutex_t *  mutex,
const PSI_stage_info *  stage,
PSI_stage_info *  old_stage,
const char *  src_function,
const char *  src_file,
int  src_line 
) [pure virtual]

Enter a condition wait. For enter_cond() / exit_cond() to work the mutex must be held before enter_cond(); this mutex is then released by exit_cond(). Usage must be: lock mutex; enter_cond(); your code; exit_cond().

condthe condition to wait on
mutexthe associated mutex
[in]stagethe stage to enter, or NULL
[out]old_stagethe previous stage, or NULL
src_functionfunction name of the caller
src_filefile name of the caller
src_lineline number of the caller
See also:
ENTER_COND(), THD::enter_cond()
EXIT_COND(), THD::exit_cond()
virtual THD* MDL_context_owner::get_thd ( ) [pure virtual]

This one is only used for DEBUG_SYNC. (Do not use it to peek/poke into other parts of THD.)

virtual int MDL_context_owner::is_killed ( ) [pure virtual]

Has the owner thread been killed?

virtual bool MDL_context_owner::notify_shared_lock ( MDL_context_owner in_use,
bool  needs_thr_lock_abort 
) [pure virtual]
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