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Log_to_file_event_handler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual bool init ()
virtual void cleanup ()
virtual bool log_slow (THD *thd, time_t current_time, time_t query_start_arg, const char *user_host, uint user_host_len, ulonglong query_utime, ulonglong lock_utime, bool is_command, const char *sql_text, uint sql_text_len)
virtual bool log_error (enum loglevel level, const char *format, va_list args)
virtual bool log_general (THD *thd, time_t event_time, const char *user_host, uint user_host_len, my_thread_id thread_id, const char *command_type, uint command_type_len, const char *sql_text, uint sql_text_len, const CHARSET_INFO *client_cs)
void flush ()
void init_pthread_objects ()
MYSQL_QUERY_LOGget_mysql_slow_log ()
MYSQL_QUERY_LOGget_mysql_log ()

Member Function Documentation

bool Log_to_file_event_handler::log_general ( THD *  thd,
time_t  event_time,
const char *  user_host,
uint  user_host_len,
my_thread_id  thread_id,
const char *  command_type,
uint  command_type_len,
const char *  sql_text,
uint  sql_text_len,
const CHARSET_INFO *  client_cs 
) [virtual]

Wrapper around MYSQL_LOG::write() for general log. We need it since we want all log event handlers to have the same signature.

Implements Log_event_handler.

bool Log_to_file_event_handler::log_slow ( THD *  thd,
time_t  current_time,
time_t  query_start_arg,
const char *  user_host,
uint  user_host_len,
ulonglong  query_utime,
ulonglong  lock_utime,
bool  is_command,
const char *  sql_text,
uint  sql_text_len 
) [virtual]

Wrapper around MYSQL_LOG::write() for slow log.

Implements Log_event_handler.

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