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Item_str_func Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Item_str_func:
Item_func Item_result_field Item Item_char_typecast Item_func_aes_decrypt Item_func_aes_encrypt Item_func_binary Item_func_char Item_func_charset Item_func_collation Item_func_compress Item_func_concat Item_func_concat_ws Item_func_conv Item_func_conv_charset Item_func_date_format Item_func_des_decrypt Item_func_des_encrypt Item_func_elt Item_func_encode Item_func_encrypt Item_func_export_set Item_func_from_base64 Item_func_inet_ntoa Item_func_insert Item_func_left Item_func_like_range Item_func_lpad Item_func_make_set Item_func_monthname Item_func_quote Item_func_random_bytes Item_func_repeat Item_func_replace Item_func_reverse Item_func_right Item_func_rpad Item_func_set_collation Item_func_soundex Item_func_space Item_func_substr Item_func_substr_index Item_func_sysconst Item_func_trim Item_func_uncompress Item_func_unhex Item_func_uuid Item_func_weight_string Item_load_file Item_nodeset_func Item_str_ascii_func Item_str_conv Item_temporal_hybrid_func Item_xml_str_func

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Public Member Functions

 Item_str_func (Item *a)
 Item_str_func (Item *a, Item *b)
 Item_str_func (Item *a, Item *b, Item *c)
 Item_str_func (Item *a, Item *b, Item *c, Item *d)
 Item_str_func (Item *a, Item *b, Item *c, Item *d, Item *e)
 Item_str_func (List< Item > &list)
longlong val_int ()
double val_real ()
my_decimalval_decimal (my_decimal *)
bool get_date (MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate)
bool get_time (MYSQL_TIME *ltime)
enum Item_result result_type () const
void left_right_max_length ()
bool fix_fields (THD *thd, Item **ref)
Stringval_str_from_val_str_ascii (String *str, String *str2)

Protected Member Functions

Stringmake_empty_result ()

Member Function Documentation

String* Item_str_func::make_empty_result ( ) [inline, protected]

Sets the result value of the function an empty string, using the current character set. No memory is allocated.

Return values:
Apointer to the str_value member.

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