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Item_func_xor Class Reference

#include <item_cmpfunc.h>

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Item_bool_func2 Item_bool_func Item_int_func Item_func Item_result_field Item

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Public Member Functions

 Item_func_xor (Item *i1, Item *i2)
enum Functype functype () const
const char * func_name () const
longlong val_int ()
void top_level_item ()
Itemneg_transformer (THD *thd)

Detailed Description

XOR inherits from Item_bool_func2 because it is not optimized yet. Later, when XOR is optimized, it needs to inherit from Item_cond instead. See WL#5800.

Member Function Documentation

Item * Item_func_xor::neg_transformer ( THD *  thd) [virtual]

XOR can be negated by negating one of the operands:

NOT (a XOR b) => (NOT a) XOR b => a XOR (NOT b)

thdThread handle
New negated item

Reimplemented from Item.

longlong Item_func_xor::val_int ( void  ) [virtual]

Make a logical XOR of the arguments.

If either operator is NULL, return NULL.

(low priority) Change this to be optimized as:
A XOR B -> (A) == 1 AND (B) <> 1) OR (A <> 1 AND (B) == 1)
To be able to do this, we would however first have to extend the MySQL range optimizer to handle OR better.
As we don't do any index optimization on XOR this is not going to be very fast to use.

Implements Item.

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