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Item_func_week Class Reference
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 Item_func_week (Item *a, Item *b)
longlong val_int ()
const char * func_name () const
void fix_length_and_dec ()

Member Function Documentation

longlong Item_func_week::val_int ( void  ) [virtual]
  The bits in week_format(for calc_week() function) has the following meaning:
   WEEK_MONDAY_FIRST (0)  If not set	Sunday is first day of week
      		   	  If set	Monday is first day of week
   WEEK_YEAR (1)	  If not set	Week is in range 0-53

   	Week 0 is returned for the the last week of the previous year (for
	a date at start of january) In this case one can get 53 for the
	first week of next year.  This flag ensures that the week is
	relevant for the given year. Note that this flag is only
	releveant if WEEK_JANUARY is not set.

			  If set	 Week is in range 1-53.

	In this case one may get week 53 for a date in January (when
	the week is that last week of previous year) and week 1 for a
	date in December.

  WEEK_FIRST_WEEKDAY (2)  If not set	Weeks are numbered according
			   		to ISO 8601:1988
			  If set	The week that contains the first
					'first-day-of-week' is week 1.
	ISO 8601:1988 means that if the week containing January 1 has
	four or more days in the new year, then it is week 1;
	Otherwise it is the last week of the previous year, and the
	next week is week 1.

Implements Item.

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