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Item_func_trig_cond Class Reference
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 Item_func_trig_cond (Item *a, bool *f, struct st_join_table *tab, enum_trig_type trig_type_arg)
longlong val_int ()
enum Functype functype () const
const char * func_name () const
 '<if>', to distinguish from the if() SQL function
bool const_item () const
bool * get_trig_var ()
table_map used_tables () const
void print (String *str, enum_query_type query_type)

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In t1 LEFT JOIN t2, ON can be tested on t2's row only if that row is not NULL-complemented


In t1 LEFT JOIN t2, the WHERE pushed to t2 can be tested only after at least one t2's row has been found


In IN->EXISTS subquery transformation, new predicates are added: WHERE inner_field=outer_field OR inner_field IS NULL, as well as HAVING inner_field IS NOT NULL, are disabled if outer_field is a NULL value

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Item_func_trig_cond::Item_func_trig_cond ( Item a,
bool *  f,
struct st_join_table tab,
enum_trig_type  trig_type_arg 
) [inline]
athe item for <condition>
fpointer to trigger variable
taboptional table which is source of 'f', NULL if not applicable
trig_type_argtype of 'f'

Member Function Documentation

void Item_func_trig_cond::print ( String str,
enum_query_type  query_type 
) [virtual]

This method is used for to:

  • to generate a view definition query (SELECT-statement);
  • to generate a SQL-query for EXPLAIN EXTENDED;
  • to generate a SQL-query to be shown in INFORMATION_SCHEMA;
  • debug.

For more information about view definition query, INFORMATION_SCHEMA query and why they should be generated from the Item-tree,

See also:

Reimplemented from Item_func.

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