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Item_func_nop_all Class Reference
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 Item_func_nop_all (Item *a)
longlong val_int ()
const char * func_name () const
table_map not_null_tables () const
Itemneg_transformer (THD *thd)

Member Function Documentation

Item * Item_func_nop_all::neg_transformer ( THD *  thd) [virtual]

Apply NOT transformation to the item and return a new one.

Transform the item using next rules:

       a AND b AND ...    -> NOT(a) OR NOT(b) OR ...
       a OR b OR ...      -> NOT(a) AND NOT(b) AND ...
       NOT(a)             -> a
       a = b              -> a != b
       a != b             -> a = b
       a < b              -> a >= b
       a >= b             -> a < b
       a > b              -> a <= b
       a <= b             -> a > b
       IS NULL(a)         -> IS NOT NULL(a)
       IS NOT NULL(a)     -> IS NULL(a)
thdthread handler
New item or NULL if we cannot apply NOT transformation (see Item::neg_transformer()).

Reimplemented from Item_func_not_all.

longlong Item_func_nop_all::val_int ( void  ) [virtual]

Special NOP (No OPeration) for ALL subquery. It is like Item_func_not_all.

(return TRUE if underlying subquery do not return rows) but if subquery returns some rows it return same value as argument (TRUE/FALSE).

Reimplemented from Item_func_not_all.

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