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Item_func_match Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Item_func_match (List< Item > &a, uint b)
void cleanup ()
enum Functype functype () const
const char * func_name () const
void update_used_tables ()
table_map not_null_tables () const
bool fix_fields (THD *thd, Item **ref)
bool eq (const Item *, bool binary_cmp) const
longlong val_int ()
double val_real ()
virtual void print (String *str, enum_query_type query_type)
bool fix_index ()
void init_search (bool no_order)
ulonglong get_count ()
bool ordered_result ()
bool docid_in_result ()

Public Attributes

uint key
uint flags
bool join_key
DTCollation cmp_collation
FT_INFO * ft_handler
String value
String search_value

Member Function Documentation

Check whether FT result contains the document ID

true if document ID is available
false otherwise
bool Item_func_match::eq ( const Item item,
bool  binary_cmp 
) const [virtual]

This function is called when:

  • Comparing items in the WHERE clause (when doing where optimization)
  • When trying to find an ORDER BY/GROUP BY item in the SELECT part
  • When matching fields in multiple equality objects (Item_equal)

Reimplemented from Item_func.

ulonglong Item_func_match::get_count ( ) [inline]

Get number of matching rows from FT handler.

Requires that FT handler supports the extended API
Number of matching rows in result

Check whether FT result is ordered on rank

true if result is ordered
false otherwise
void Item_func_match::print ( String str,
enum_query_type  query_type 
) [virtual]

This method is used for to:

  • to generate a view definition query (SELECT-statement);
  • to generate a SQL-query for EXPLAIN EXTENDED;
  • to generate a SQL-query to be shown in INFORMATION_SCHEMA;
  • debug.

For more information about view definition query, INFORMATION_SCHEMA query and why they should be generated from the Item-tree,

See also:

Reimplemented from Item_func.

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