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Item_cond_and Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Item_cond_and (Item *i1, Item *i2)
 Item_cond_and (THD *thd, Item_cond_and *item)
 Item_cond_and (List< Item > &list_arg)
enum Functype functype () const
longlong val_int ()
const char * func_name () const
Itemcopy_andor_structure (THD *thd, bool real_items)
Itemneg_transformer (THD *thd)

Public Attributes

COND_EQUAL cond_equal

Member Function Documentation

Item* Item_cond_and::copy_andor_structure ( THD *  thd,
bool  real_items 
) [inline, virtual]
real_itemsTrue <=> in the copy, replace any Item_ref with its real_item()
this argument should be always false and removed in WL#7082.

Reimplemented from Item.

longlong Item_cond_and::val_int ( void  ) [virtual]

Evaluation of AND(expr, expr, expr ...).

abort_if_null is set for AND expressions for which we don't care if the result is NULL or 0. This is set for:
  • WHERE clause
  • HAVING clause
  • IF(expression)
Return values:
1If all expressions are true
0If all expressions are false or if we find a NULL expression and 'abort_on_null' is set.
NULLif all expression are either 1 or NULL

Implements Item.

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