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Interruptible_wait Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Interruptible_wait (THD *thd)
void set_timeout (ulonglong timeout)
int wait (mysql_cond_t *, mysql_mutex_t *)

Detailed Description

Enables a session to wait on a condition until a timeout or a network disconnect occurs.

The connection is polled every m_interrupt_interval nanoseconds.

Member Function Documentation

void Interruptible_wait::set_timeout ( ulonglong  timeout) [inline]

Set the absolute timeout.

timeoutThe amount of time in nanoseconds to wait
int Interruptible_wait::wait ( mysql_cond_t *  cond,
mysql_mutex_t *  mutex 

The timed wait.

Wait for a given condition to be signaled.

condThe condition variable to wait on.
mutexThe associated mutex.
The absolute timeout is preserved across calls.
Return values:
returnvalue from mysql_cond_timedwait

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