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Ignorable_log_event Class Reference

#include <log_event.h>

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Log_event Rows_query_log_event

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Public Member Functions

 Ignorable_log_event (THD *thd_arg)
 Ignorable_log_event (const char *buf, const Format_description_log_event *descr_event)
int pack_info (Protocol *)
virtual Log_event_type get_type_code ()
virtual bool is_valid () const
virtual int get_data_size ()

Detailed Description

Base class for ignorable log events. Events deriving from this class can be safely ignored by slaves that cannot recognize them. Newer slaves, will be able to read and handle them. This has been designed to be an open-ended architecture, so adding new derived events shall not harm the old slaves that support ignorable log event mechanism (they will just ignore unrecognized ignorable events).

The only thing that makes an event ignorable is that it has the LOG_EVENT_IGNORABLE_F flag set. It is not strictly necessary that ignorable event types derive from Ignorable_log_event; they may just as well derive from Log_event and pass LOG_EVENT_IGNORABLE_F as argument to the Log_event constructor.

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