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Protected Member Functions
I_P_List_null_counter Class Reference

#include <sql_plist.h>

Inherited by I_P_List< MDL_ticket, I_P_List_adapter< MDL_ticket,&MDL_ticket::next_in_context,&MDL_ticket::prev_in_context > >, I_P_List< MDL_ticket, I_P_List_adapter< MDL_ticket,&MDL_ticket::next_in_lock,&MDL_ticket::prev_in_lock >, I_P_List_null_counter, I_P_List_fast_push_back< MDL_ticket > >, I_P_List< TABLE, I_P_List_adapter< TABLE,&TABLE::cache_next,&TABLE::cache_prev > >, and I_P_List< Wait_for_flush, I_P_List_adapter< Wait_for_flush,&Wait_for_flush::next_in_share,&Wait_for_flush::prev_in_share > >.

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Protected Member Functions

void reset ()
void inc ()
void dec ()
void swap (I_P_List_null_counter &rhs)

Detailed Description

Element counting policy class for I_P_List to be used in cases when no element counting should be done.

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