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Host_entry Class Reference

#include <hostname.h>

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Public Member Functions

Host_entrynext ()
void set_error_timestamps (ulonglong now)

Public Attributes

char ip_key [HOST_ENTRY_KEY_SIZE]
char m_hostname [HOSTNAME_LENGTH+1]
uint m_hostname_length
bool m_host_validated
ulonglong m_first_seen
ulonglong m_last_seen
ulonglong m_first_error_seen
ulonglong m_last_error_seen
Host_errors m_errors

Detailed Description

An entry in the hostname hash table cache.

Host name cache does two things:

Host name can be empty (that means DNS look up failed), but errors still are counted.

Member Data Documentation

char Host_entry::ip_key[HOST_ENTRY_KEY_SIZE]

Client IP address. This is the key used with the hash table.

The client IP address is always expressed in IPv6, even when the network IPv6 stack is not present.

This IP address is never used to connect to a socket.

Error statistics.

The hostname is validated and used for authorization.

char Host_entry::m_hostname[HOSTNAME_LENGTH+1]

One of the host names for the IP address. May be a zero length string.

Length in bytes of m_hostname.

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