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Gtid_set::Interval_iterator Class Reference

#include <rpl_gtid.h>

Inheritance diagram for Gtid_set::Interval_iterator:
Gtid_set::Interval_iterator_base< Gtid_set *, Interval * >

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Public Member Functions

 Interval_iterator (Gtid_set *gtid_set, rpl_sidno sidno)
 Create this Interval_iterator.
 Interval_iterator (Gtid_set *gtid_set)
 Destroy this Interval_iterator.


class Gtid_set

Detailed Description

Iterator over intervals of a non-const Gtid_set, with additional methods to modify the Gtid_set.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Gtid_set [friend]

Only Gtid_set is allowed to use set/insert/remove.

They are not safe to use from other code because: (1) very easy to make a mistakes (2) they don't clear cached_string_format or cached_string_length.

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