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Filesort_info Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void sort_buffer (Sort_param *param, uint count)
uchar * get_record_buffer (uint idx)
uchar ** get_sort_keys ()
uchar ** alloc_sort_buffer (uint num_records, uint record_length)
void free_sort_buffer ()
void init_record_pointers ()
size_t sort_buffer_size () const

Public Attributes

IO_CACHE * io_cache
uchar * buffpek
uint buffpek_len
uchar * addon_buf
size_t addon_length
struct st_sort_addon_fieldaddon_field
void(* unpack )(struct st_sort_addon_field *, uchar *)
uchar * record_pointers
ha_rows found_records

Member Function Documentation

uchar* Filesort_info::get_record_buffer ( uint  idx) [inline]

Accessors for Filesort_buffer (which ).

void Filesort_info::sort_buffer ( Sort_param param,
uint  count 
) [inline]

Sort filesort_buffer

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