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Explain_table_base Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Explain_table_base:
Explain Explain_join Explain_table

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Protected Member Functions

 Explain_table_base (Explain_context_enum context_type_arg, THD *const thd_arg, JOIN *const join_arg)
 Explain_table_base (Explain_context_enum context_type_arg, THD *const thd_arg, TABLE *const table_arg)
virtual bool explain_partitions ()
virtual bool explain_possible_keys ()
bool explain_key_parts (int key, uint key_parts)
bool explain_key_and_len_quick (const SQL_SELECT *select)
bool explain_key_and_len_index (int key)
bool explain_key_and_len_index (int key, uint key_length, uint key_parts)
bool explain_extra_common (const SQL_SELECT *select, const JOIN_TAB *tab, int quick_type, uint keyno)
bool explain_tmptable_and_filesort (bool need_tmp_table_arg, bool need_sort_arg)
virtual bool explain_modify_flags ()

Protected Attributes

const TABLEtable
key_map usable_keys

Detailed Description

Common base class for Explain_join and Explain_table

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