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Deadlock_detection_visitor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Deadlock_detection_visitor (MDL_context *start_node_arg)
virtual bool enter_node (MDL_context *node)
virtual void leave_node (MDL_context *node)
virtual bool inspect_edge (MDL_context *dest)
MDL_contextget_victim () const

Detailed Description

A context of the recursive traversal through all contexts in all sessions in search for deadlock.

Member Function Documentation

Enter a node of a wait-for graph. After a node is entered, inspect_edge() will be called for all wait-for destinations of this node. Then leave_node() will be called. We call "enter_node()" for all nodes we inspect, including the starting node.

Return values:
TRUEMaximum search depth exceeded.

Implements MDL_wait_for_graph_visitor.

Inspect a wait-for graph edge from one MDL context to another.

Return values:
TRUEA loop is found.
FALSENo loop is found.

Implements MDL_wait_for_graph_visitor.

Done inspecting this node. Decrease the search depth. If a deadlock is found, and we are backtracking to the start node, optionally change the deadlock victim to one with lower deadlock weight.

Implements MDL_wait_for_graph_visitor.

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