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Create_func_arg3 Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Create_func_arg3:
Create_func Create_func_conv Create_func_convert_tz Create_func_lpad Create_func_maketime Create_func_rpad Create_func_substr_index Create_func_xml_update

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Public Member Functions

virtual Itemcreate_func (THD *thd, LEX_STRING name, List< Item > *item_list)
virtual Itemcreate (THD *thd, Item *arg1, Item *arg2, Item *arg3)=0

Protected Member Functions

 Create_func_arg3 ()
virtual ~Create_func_arg3 ()

Detailed Description

Adapter for functions that takes exactly three arguments.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create_func_arg3::Create_func_arg3 ( ) [inline, protected]


virtual Create_func_arg3::~Create_func_arg3 ( ) [inline, protected, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual Item* Create_func_arg3::create ( THD *  thd,
Item arg1,
Item arg2,
Item arg3 
) [pure virtual]

Builder method, with three arguments.

thdThe current thread
arg1The first argument of the function
arg2The second argument of the function
arg3The third argument of the function
An item representing the function call

Implemented in Create_func_xml_update, Create_func_substr_index, Create_func_rpad, Create_func_maketime, Create_func_lpad, Create_func_convert_tz, and Create_func_conv.

Item * Create_func_arg3::create_func ( THD *  thd,
List< Item > *  item_list 
) [virtual]

The builder create method. Given the function name and list or arguments, this method creates an Item that represents the function call. In case or errors, a NULL item is returned, and an error is reported. Note that the thd object may be modified by the builder. In particular, the following members/methods can be set/called, depending on the function called and the function possible side effects.

  • thd->lex->binlog_row_based_if_mixed
  • thd->lex->current_context()
  • thd->lex->safe_to_cache_query
  • thd->lex->uncacheable(UNCACHEABLE_SIDEEFFECT)
  • thd->lex->uncacheable(UNCACHEABLE_RAND)
  • thd->lex->add_time_zone_tables_to_query_tables(thd)
thdThe current thread
nameThe function name
item_listThe list of arguments to the function, can be NULL
An item representing the parsed function call, or NULL

Implements Create_func.

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