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Alter_table_prelocking_strategy Class Reference

#include <sql_base.h>

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virtual bool handle_routine (THD *thd, Query_tables_list *prelocking_ctx, Sroutine_hash_entry *rt, sp_head *sp, bool *need_prelocking)
virtual bool handle_table (THD *thd, Query_tables_list *prelocking_ctx, TABLE_LIST *table_list, bool *need_prelocking)
virtual bool handle_view (THD *thd, Query_tables_list *prelocking_ctx, TABLE_LIST *table_list, bool *need_prelocking)

Detailed Description

Strategy for prelocking algorithm to be used for ALTER TABLE statements.

Unlike DML or LOCK TABLES strategy, it doesn't prelock triggers, views or stored routines, since they are not used during ALTER.

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