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ACL_internal_schema_registry Class Reference

#include <sql_acl.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void register_schema (const LEX_STRING *name, const ACL_internal_schema_access *access)
static const
lookup (const char *name)

Detailed Description

A registry for per internal schema ACL. An 'internal schema' is a database schema maintained by the server implementation, such as 'performance_schema' and 'INFORMATION_SCHEMA'.

Member Function Documentation

const ACL_internal_schema_access * ACL_internal_schema_registry::lookup ( const char *  name) [static]

Search per internal schema ACL by name.

namea schema name
per schema rules, or NULL
void ACL_internal_schema_registry::register_schema ( const LEX_STRING *  name,
const ACL_internal_schema_access access 
) [static]

Add an internal schema to the registry.

namethe schema name
accessthe schema ACL specific rules

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