InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
recv_sys_t Struct Reference

#include <log0recv.h>

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Data Fields

ib_mutex_t mutex
ib_mutex_t writer_mutex
ibool apply_log_recs
ibool apply_batch_on
lsn_t lsn
ulint last_log_buf_size
byte * last_block
byte * last_block_buf_start
byte * buf
ulint len
lsn_t parse_start_lsn
lsn_t scanned_lsn
ulint scanned_checkpoint_no
ulint recovered_offset
lsn_t recovered_lsn
lsn_t limit_lsn
ibool found_corrupt_log
ulint n_addrs
recv_dblwr_t dblwr

Detailed Description

Recovery system data structure

Field Documentation

hash_table_t* recv_sys_t::addr_hash

hash table of file addresses of pages

ibool recv_sys_t::apply_batch_on

this is TRUE when a log rec application batch is running

ibool recv_sys_t::apply_log_recs

this is TRUE when log rec application to pages is allowed; this flag tells the i/o-handler if it should do log record application

byte* recv_sys_t::buf

buffer for parsing log records

ibool recv_sys_t::found_corrupt_log

this is set to TRUE if we during log scan find a corrupt log block, or a corrupt log record, or there is a log parsing buffer overflow

mem_heap_t* recv_sys_t::heap

memory heap of log records and file addresses

byte* recv_sys_t::last_block

possible incomplete last recovered log block

byte* recv_sys_t::last_block_buf_start

the nonaligned start address of the preceding buffer

ulint recv_sys_t::last_log_buf_size

size of the log buffer when the database last time wrote to the log

ulint recv_sys_t::len

amount of data in buf

lsn_t recv_sys_t::limit_lsn

recovery should be made at most up to this lsn

lsn_t recv_sys_t::lsn

log sequence number

ib_mutex_t recv_sys_t::mutex

mutex protecting the fields apply_log_recs, n_addrs, and the state field in each recv_addr struct

ulint recv_sys_t::n_addrs

number of not processed hashed file addresses in the hash table

lsn_t recv_sys_t::parse_start_lsn

this is the lsn from which we were able to start parsing log records and adding them to the hash table; zero if a suitable start point not found yet

lsn_t recv_sys_t::recovered_lsn

the log records have been parsed up to this lsn

ulint recv_sys_t::recovered_offset

start offset of non-parsed log records in buf

ulint recv_sys_t::scanned_checkpoint_no

the log data has been scanned up to this checkpoint number (lowest 4 bytes)

lsn_t recv_sys_t::scanned_lsn

the log data has been scanned up to this lsn

ib_mutex_t recv_sys_t::writer_mutex

mutex coordinating flushing between recv_writer_thread and the recovery thread.

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