InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_t Struct Reference

#include <fts0fts.h>

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Data Fields

ib_mutex_t bg_threads_mutex
ulint bg_threads
ulint fts_status
ulint doc_col

Detailed Description

The state of the FTS sub system.

Field Documentation

ib_wqueue_t* fts_t::add_wq

Work queue for scheduling jobs for the FTS 'Add' thread, or NULL if the thread has not yet been created. Each work item is a fts_trx_doc_ids_t*.

ulint fts_t::bg_threads

number of background threads accessing this table TRUE if background threads running should stop themselves

ib_mutex_t fts_t::bg_threads_mutex

< mutex protecting bg_threads* and fts_add_wq.

fts_cache_t* fts_t::cache

FTS memory buffer for this table, or NULL if the table has no FTS index.

ulint fts_t::doc_col

FTS doc id hidden column number in the CLUSTERED index.

mem_heap_t* fts_t::fts_heap

heap for fts_t allocation

ulint fts_t::fts_status

Status bit regarding fts running state

ib_vector_t* fts_t::indexes

Vector of FTS indexes, this is mainly for caching purposes.

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