InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_sync_t Struct Reference

#include <fts0types.h>

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Data Fields

ulint max_cache_size
ibool cache_full
ulint lower_index
ulint upper_index
ibool interrupted
doc_id_t min_doc_id
doc_id_t max_doc_id
ib_time_t start_time

Detailed Description

The SYNC state of the cache. There is one instance of this struct

associated with each ADD thread.

Field Documentation

ibool fts_sync_t::cache_full

flag, when true it indicates that we need to sync the cache to disk

ibool fts_sync_t::interrupted

TRUE if SYNC was interrupted

ulint fts_sync_t::lower_index

the start index of the doc id vector from where to start adding documents to the FTS cache

ulint fts_sync_t::max_cache_size

Max size in bytes of the cache

doc_id_t fts_sync_t::max_doc_id

The doc id at which the cache was noted as being full, we use this to set the upper_limit field

doc_id_t fts_sync_t::min_doc_id

The smallest doc id added to the cache. It should equal to doc_ids[lower_index]

ib_time_t fts_sync_t::start_time

SYNC start time

dict_table_t* fts_sync_t::table

Table with FTS index(es)

trx_t* fts_sync_t::trx

The transaction used for SYNCing the cache to disk

ulint fts_sync_t::upper_index

max index of the doc id vector to add to the FTS cache

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