InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_index_cache_t Struct Reference

#include <fts0types.h>

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Data Fields

que_t ** ins_graph
que_t ** sel_graph
CHARSET_INFO * charset

Detailed Description

Since we can have multiple FTS indexes on a table, we keep a

per index cache of words etc.

Field Documentation

CHARSET_INFO* fts_index_cache_t::charset


ib_vector_t* fts_index_cache_t::doc_stats

Array of the fts_doc_stats_t contained in the memory buffer. Must be in sorted order (ascending). The ideal choice is an rb tree but the rb tree imposes a space overhead that we can do without

dict_index_t* fts_index_cache_t::index

The FTS index instance

que_t** fts_index_cache_t::ins_graph

Insert query graphs

que_t** fts_index_cache_t::sel_graph

Select query graphs

ib_rbt_t* fts_index_cache_t::words

Nodes; indexed by fts_string_t*, cells are fts_tokenizer_word_t*.

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