InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
for_node_t Struct Reference

#include <pars0pars.h>

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Data Fields

que_common_t common
que_node_t * loop_start_limit
que_node_t * loop_end_limit
lint loop_end_value
que_node_t * stat_list

Detailed Description

for-loop-statement node

Field Documentation

que_common_t for_node_t::common


que_node_t* for_node_t::loop_end_limit

end value of loop variable

lint for_node_t::loop_end_value

evaluated value for the end value: it is calculated only when the loop is entered, and will not change within the loop

que_node_t* for_node_t::loop_start_limit

initial value of loop variable

sym_node_t* for_node_t::loop_var

loop variable: this is the dereferenced symbol from the variable declarations, not the symbol occurrence in the for loop definition

que_node_t* for_node_t::stat_list

statement list

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