InnoDB Plugin  1.0
row0log.ic File Reference
#include "dict0dict.h"
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UNIV_INLINE void row_log_abort_sec (dict_index_t *index)
UNIV_INLINE bool row_log_online_op_try (dict_index_t *index, const dtuple_t *tuple, trx_id_t trx_id)

Detailed Description

Modification log for online index creation and online table rebuild

Created 2012-10-18 Marko Makela

Function Documentation

UNIV_INLINE void row_log_abort_sec ( dict_index_t index)

Free the row log for an index on which online creation was aborted.

indexin/out: index (x-latched)
UNIV_INLINE bool row_log_online_op_try ( dict_index_t index,
const dtuple_t tuple,
trx_id_t  trx_id 

Try to log an operation to a secondary index that is (or was) being created.

Return values
trueif the operation was logged or can be ignored
falseif online index creation is not taking place
indexin/out: index, S or X latched
tuplein: index tuple
trx_idin: transaction ID for insert, or 0 for delete