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dict0stats_bg.h File Reference
#include "univ.i"
#include "dict0types.h"
#include "os0sync.h"
#include "os0thread.h"
#include "dict0stats_bg.ic"
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#define DICT_STATS_BG_YIELD(trx)


UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_recalc_pool_add (const dict_table_t *table)
UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_recalc_pool_del (const dict_table_t *table)
UNIV_INLINE bool dict_stats_stop_bg (dict_table_t *table))
UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_wait_bg_to_stop_using_table (dict_table_t *table, trx_t *trx)
UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_thread_init ()
UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_thread_deinit ()
UNIV_INTERN os_thread_ret_t
dict_stats_thread (void *arg)


os_event_t dict_stats_event

Detailed Description

Code used for background table and index stats gathering.

Created Apr 26, 2012 Vasil Dimov

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DICT_STATS_BG_YIELD (   trx)
do { \
row_mysql_unlock_data_dictionary(trx); \
os_thread_sleep(250000); \
row_mysql_lock_data_dictionary(trx); \
} while (0)
Yield the data dictionary latch when waiting

for the background thread to stop accessing a table.

trxtransaction holding the data dictionary locks

Function Documentation

UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_recalc_pool_add ( const dict_table_t table)

Add a table to the recalc pool, which is processed by the background stats gathering thread. Only the table id is added to the list, so the table can be closed after being enqueued and it will be opened when needed. If the table does not exist later (has been DROPped), then it will be removed from the pool and skipped. in: table to add

UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_recalc_pool_del ( const dict_table_t table)

Delete a given table from the auto recalc pool. dict_stats_recalc_pool_del() in: table to remove

UNIV_INLINE bool dict_stats_stop_bg ( dict_table_t table)

Request the background collection of statistics to stop for a table.

Return values
truewhen no background process is active
falsewhen it is not safe to modify the table definition
tablein/out: table
UNIV_INTERN os_thread_ret_t DECLARE_THREAD() dict_stats_thread ( void *  arg)

This is the thread for background stats gathering. It pops tables, from the auto recalc list and proceeds them, eventually recalculating their statistics.

this function does not return, it calls os_thread_exit() in: a dummy parameter required by os_thread_create
UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_thread_deinit ( )

Free resources allocated by dict_stats_thread_init(), must be called after dict_stats_thread() has exited.

UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_thread_init ( )

Initialize global variables needed for the operation of dict_stats_thread(). Must be called before dict_stats_thread() is started.

UNIV_INTERN void dict_stats_wait_bg_to_stop_using_table ( dict_table_t table,
trx_t trx 

Wait until background stats thread has stopped using the specified table. The caller must have locked the data dictionary using row_mysql_lock_data_dictionary() and this function may unlock it temporarily and restore the lock before it exits. The background stats thread is guaranteed not to start using the specified table after this function returns and before the caller unlocks the data dictionary because it sets the BG_STAT_IN_PROGRESS bit in table->stats_bg_flag under dict_sys->mutex. in/out: transaction to use for unlocking/locking the data dict

tablein/out: table

Variable Documentation

os_event_t dict_stats_event

Event to wake up the stats thread