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Write_rows_log_event_old Class Reference

#include <log_event_old.h>

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Old_rows_log_event Log_event

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 Write_rows_log_event_old (THD *, TABLE *, ulong table_id, MY_BITMAP const *cols, bool is_transactional)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool binlog_row_logging_function (THD *thd, TABLE *table, bool is_transactional, const uchar *before_record __attribute__((unused)), const uchar *after_record)

Detailed Description

Old class for binlog events that write new rows to a table (event type code PRE_GA_WRITE_ROWS_EVENT). Such events are never produced by this version of the server, but they may be read from a relay log created by an old server. New servers create events of class Write_rows_log_event (event type code WRITE_ROWS_EVENT) instead.

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