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MYSQL_BIN_LOG Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MYSQL_BIN_LOG (uint *sync_period)
bool find_first_log_not_in_gtid_set (char *binlog_file_name, const Gtid_set *gtid_set, Gtid *first_gtid, const char **errmsg)
bool init_gtid_sets (Gtid_set *gtid_set, Gtid_set *lost_groups, Gtid *last_gtid, bool verify_checksum, bool need_lock, bool is_server_starting=false)
void set_previous_gtid_set (Gtid_set *previous_gtid_set_param)
int open_binlog (const char *opt_name)
void close ()
enum_result commit (THD *thd, bool all)
int rollback (THD *thd, bool all)
int prepare (THD *thd, bool all)
int recover (IO_CACHE *log, Format_description_log_event *fdle, my_off_t *valid_pos)
int recover (IO_CACHE *log, Format_description_log_event *fdle)
void update_thd_next_event_pos (THD *thd)
int flush_and_set_pending_rows_event (THD *thd, Rows_log_event *event, bool is_transactional)
void add_bytes_written (ulonglong inc)
void reset_bytes_written ()
void harvest_bytes_written (ulonglong *counter)
void set_max_size (ulong max_size_arg)
void signal_update ()
int wait_for_update_relay_log (THD *thd, const struct timespec *timeout)
int wait_for_update_bin_log (THD *thd, const struct timespec *timeout)
void init_pthread_objects ()
void cleanup ()
bool open_binlog (const char *log_name, const char *new_name, enum cache_type io_cache_type_arg, ulong max_size, bool null_created, bool need_lock_index, bool need_sid_lock, Format_description_log_event *extra_description_event)
bool open_index_file (const char *index_file_name_arg, const char *log_name, bool need_lock_index)
int new_file (Format_description_log_event *extra_description_event)
bool write_event (Log_event *event_info)
bool write_cache (THD *thd, class binlog_cache_data *binlog_cache_data)
int do_write_cache (IO_CACHE *cache)
void set_write_error (THD *thd, bool is_transactional)
bool check_write_error (THD *thd)
bool write_incident (THD *thd, bool need_lock_log, bool do_flush_and_sync=true)
bool write_incident (Incident_log_event *ev, bool need_lock_log, bool do_flush_and_sync=true)
void start_union_events (THD *thd, query_id_t query_id_param)
void stop_union_events (THD *thd)
bool is_query_in_union (THD *thd, query_id_t query_id_param)
void make_log_name (char *buf, const char *log_ident)
bool is_active (const char *log_file_name)
int remove_logs_from_index (LOG_INFO *linfo, bool need_update_threads)
int rotate (bool force_rotate, bool *check_purge)
void purge ()
int rotate_and_purge (THD *thd, bool force_rotate)
bool flush_and_sync (const bool force=false)
int purge_logs (const char *to_log, bool included, bool need_lock_index, bool need_update_threads, ulonglong *decrease_log_space, bool auto_purge)
int purge_logs_before_date (time_t purge_time, bool auto_purge)
int purge_first_log (Relay_log_info *rli, bool included)
int set_crash_safe_index_file_name (const char *base_file_name)
int open_crash_safe_index_file ()
int close_crash_safe_index_file ()
int add_log_to_index (uchar *log_file_name, int name_len, bool need_lock_index)
int move_crash_safe_index_file_to_index_file (bool need_lock_index)
int set_purge_index_file_name (const char *base_file_name)
int open_purge_index_file (bool destroy)
bool is_inited_purge_index_file ()
int close_purge_index_file ()
int clean_purge_index_file ()
int sync_purge_index_file ()
int register_purge_index_entry (const char *entry)
int register_create_index_entry (const char *entry)
int purge_index_entry (THD *thd, ulonglong *decrease_log_space, bool need_lock_index)
bool reset_logs (THD *thd)
void close (uint exiting)
int find_log_pos (LOG_INFO *linfo, const char *log_name, bool need_lock_index)
int find_next_log (LOG_INFO *linfo, bool need_lock_index)
int get_current_log (LOG_INFO *linfo)
int raw_get_current_log (LOG_INFO *linfo)
uint next_file_id ()
char * get_index_fname ()
char * get_log_fname ()
char * get_name ()
mysql_mutex_t * get_log_lock ()
mysql_cond_t * get_log_cond ()
IO_CACHE * get_log_file ()
void lock_index ()
void unlock_index ()
IO_CACHE * get_index_file ()
uint32 get_open_count ()

Public Attributes

bool is_relay_log
ulong signal_cnt
uint8 checksum_alg_reset
uint8 relay_log_checksum_alg

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