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Event_db_repository Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool create_event (THD *thd, Event_parse_data *parse_data, bool create_if_not, bool *event_already_exists)
bool update_event (THD *thd, Event_parse_data *parse_data, LEX_STRING *new_dbname, LEX_STRING *new_name)
bool drop_event (THD *thd, LEX_STRING db, LEX_STRING name, bool drop_if_exists)
void drop_schema_events (THD *thd, LEX_STRING schema)
bool find_named_event (LEX_STRING db, LEX_STRING name, TABLE *table)
bool load_named_event (THD *thd, LEX_STRING dbname, LEX_STRING name, Event_basic *et)
bool fill_schema_events (THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *tables, const char *db)
bool update_timing_fields_for_event (THD *thd, LEX_STRING event_db_name, LEX_STRING event_name, my_time_t last_executed, ulonglong status)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool open_event_table (THD *thd, enum thr_lock_type lock_type, TABLE **table)
static bool check_system_tables (THD *thd)

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