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ut0vec.ic File Reference
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#define IB_VEC_OFFSET(v, i)   (vec->sizeof_value * i)


UNIV_INLINE void * ib_heap_malloc (ib_alloc_t *allocator, ulint size)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_heap_free (ib_alloc_t *allocator UNIV_UNUSED, void *ptr UNIV_UNUSED)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_heap_resize (ib_alloc_t *allocator, void *old_ptr, ulint old_size, ulint new_size)
UNIV_INLINE ib_alloc_tib_heap_allocator_create (mem_heap_t *heap)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_heap_allocator_free (ib_alloc_t *ib_ut_alloc)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_ut_malloc (ib_alloc_t *allocator UNIV_UNUSED, ulint size)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_ut_free (ib_alloc_t *allocator UNIV_UNUSED, void *ptr)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_ut_resize (ib_alloc_t *allocator UNIV_UNUSED, void *old_ptr, ulint old_size UNIV_UNUSED, ulint new_size)
UNIV_INLINE ib_alloc_tib_ut_allocator_create (void)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_ut_allocator_free (ib_alloc_t *ib_ut_alloc)
UNIV_INLINE ulint ib_vector_size (const ib_vector_t *vec)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_vector_get (ib_vector_t *vec, ulint n)
UNIV_INLINE const void * ib_vector_get_const (const ib_vector_t *vec, ulint n)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_vector_get_last (ib_vector_t *vec)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_vector_set (ib_vector_t *vec, ulint n, void *elem)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_vector_reset (ib_vector_t *vec)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_vector_last (ib_vector_t *vec)
UNIV_INLINE const void * ib_vector_last_const (const ib_vector_t *vec)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_vector_pop (ib_vector_t *vec)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_vector_push (ib_vector_t *vec, const void *elem)
UNIV_INLINE void * ib_vector_remove (ib_vector_t *vec, const void *elem)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_vector_sort (ib_vector_t *vec, ib_compare_t compare)
UNIV_INLINE void ib_vector_free (ib_vector_t *vec)
UNIV_INLINE ibool ib_vector_is_empty (const ib_vector_t *vec)

Detailed Description

A vector of pointers to data items

Created 4/6/2006 Osku Salerma

Function Documentation

UNIV_INLINE void* ib_vector_get ( ib_vector_t vec,
ulint  n 

Get n'th element.

vecin: vector
nin: element index to get
UNIV_INLINE void* ib_vector_get_last ( ib_vector_t vec)

Get last element. The vector must not be empty.

last element
vecin: vector
UNIV_INLINE ibool ib_vector_is_empty ( const ib_vector_t vec)

in: vector

vecin: vector
UNIV_INLINE void* ib_vector_pop ( ib_vector_t vec)

Remove the last element from the vector.

last vector element
UNIV_INLINE void* ib_vector_remove ( ib_vector_t vec,
const void *  elem 

Remove an element to the vector

pointer to the "removed" element
vecin: vector
elemin: value to remove
UNIV_INLINE void ib_vector_set ( ib_vector_t vec,
ulint  n,
void *  elem 

Set the n'th element.

vecin/out: vector
nin: element index to set
elemin: data element