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sync0arr.ic File Reference
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UNIV_INLINE sync_array_t * sync_array_get_and_reserve_cell (void *object, ulint type, const char *file, ulint line, ulint *index)


ulong srv_sync_array_size

Detailed Description

The wait array for synchronization primitives

Inline code

Created 9/5/1995 Heikki Tuuri

Function Documentation

UNIV_INLINE sync_array_t* sync_array_get_and_reserve_cell ( void *  object,
ulint  type,
const char *  file,
ulint  line,
ulint *  index 

Get an instance of the sync wait array and reserve a wait array cell in the instance for waiting for an object. The event of the cell is reset to nonsignalled state. If reserving cell of the instance fails, try to get another new instance until we can reserve an empty cell of it.

the instance found, never NULL.
objectin: pointer to the object to wait for
typein: lock request type
filein: file where requested
linein: line where requested
indexout: index of the reserved cell

Variable Documentation

ulong srv_sync_array_size

User configured sync array size