InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
st_innobase_share Struct Reference

#include <ha_innodb.h>

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Data Fields

const char * table_name
uint use_count
void * table_name_hash
innodb_idx_translate_t idx_trans_tbl

Detailed Description

InnoDB table share

Field Documentation

innodb_idx_translate_t st_innobase_share::idx_trans_tbl

index translation table between MySQL and Innodb

THR_LOCK st_innobase_share::lock

MySQL lock protecting this structure

const char* st_innobase_share::table_name

InnoDB table name

void* st_innobase_share::table_name_hash

hash table chain node

uint st_innobase_share::use_count

reference count, incremented in get_share() and decremented in free_share()

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